Characteristic & Application
(Common Silicone Sheet)
CS is heat stability, low temperature stability, resistance to ozone and weather, low dependency factor of physical constants to temperature change, excellent dielectric preperties, film forming ability, hydrophobicity, ant-adhesive to organic materials, surface activity, physiological inertness of most products.
(Noncombustible Silicone Sheet)
NCS is heat stability, low temperature stability, variable colors, and etc. It is used for the heat/fire proof industry, handicraft and the other field.
(Electricity Conductivity Silicone Sheet)
ECS is used for the EMI shielding, connector, removal of the immovable(stable) electricity, It is given good conductivity(volume-resistance), higher cost, low specific gravity, no carbon blooming, lower contact resistivity and precess-ability.
(Heat Radiative Silicon Sheet)
HRS is also given thermal-conductivity, not only a past heat proof, electric non-conductivity but fire proof, It is used for the heat radiative and insulating materials for the semiconductor in IC and the equipments in such as terperature sensors and heaters.











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